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ABSOLUTELY GO FOR A READING WITH MARY Mary greets you with a warm, knowing confidence which immediately puts you at ease. I felt I’d be in safe hands and I was! The room is bright and has a beautiful energy. Her readings are thorough, professional and accurate. I left feeling lighter. 


AN OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE I went to see Mary for my tarot reading. She was absolutely amazing. Her warmth was so wonderful, she was empathetic, reassuring and very professional. The surroundings were beautiful. She was calm and clear and I honestly felt uplifted by the accuracy of her reading. I really would recommend her talents to anyone looking for answers and even if you have never had your cards, palm or chakras read, Mary will guide you through the process effortlessly.
I will return and thank you Mary for helping me see a way forward in 2024


SOUND ENERGY HEALING – MARY REDMOND I was highly recommended to attend sound energy healing with Mary through a friend and having been I can see why they did. Mary creates a calm and spiritual environment, the experience included guided meditation and sound energy healing. The soothing vibrations and expertly guided session left me feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. I noticed a remarkable shift in my energy levels and an increased sense of inner calm immediately after the session. It’s an incredible experience for anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing and relaxation 

29th Nov 2023

Tom M

Name: Tom M

I met with Mary last night for what was a very intuitive, relaxing and informative session.
From the beginning where I was put at ease and helped to relax and release tension, it felt very comfortable.
Afterwards, Mary gave me some clear insight into my current emotional and physical needs which really were accurate if I am honest with myself. The cards also picked up on my exact situation in an uncanny way.
Mary went over and above in also advising on holistic, and dietary help and solutions for my wellbeing and I would like to say a big thank you.
10/10 would recommend and will be returning in future.

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I attended a cacaa ceremony with Mary in her tranquil space in her home.  From the moment I arrived it was an experience with being cleansed at the door to the calm relaxing space that had been set up for myself.  Mary had thought of everything to bring as much comfort and peace to the ceremony.

Mary explained the journey we would take within the ceremony and the guided meditation in an easy way to understand.  I then drank the Cocoa and laid down for a guided meditation wrapped in soft blanks and a jade eye mask to aid relaxation.  Mary has a calming voice which enabled a deeper connection to the mediation and was very easy to follow.

I then finished the mediation and picked a card with Mary explaining the meaning for me.

The whole experience was deep, calm and relaxing, all within a secure space that enabled you to go deep into the mediation.  Mary was always there to guide you and help if needed or to give you quiet time to reflect.

Victoria Morris X


Name: Maya

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a reading with Mary, and I must say I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of her insights. Going into the reading, I was unsure what to expect, but Mary put me at ease right away with her warm and compassionate demeanor.

Throughout the reading, Mary was able to tune into my energy and provide me with insights and guidance that resonated with me on a deep level. Her ability to pick up on details and emotions was truly remarkable, and I found myself nodding in agreement as she spoke.

What I appreciated most about Mary was her ability to give me practical advice on how to move forward with my life. She didn’t just provide me with general platitudes, but rather specific steps and actions that I could take to create a brighter future for myself. So very grateful.

Helen St Albans

Name: Helen

Another great reading!
I felt positive, happy and content when I left today.
Mary, you are great at what you do and such a lovely warm person.
Thank you SO much xx


Name: Lauren

I had a reading with Mary last week – it was the second time I had visited Mary and it was brilliant again. I left feeling relaxed, hopeful and reassured. I’ll be visiting again – absolutely brilliant! Thanks Mary.


Name: Jessica

I had such an incredible and eye-opening experience with Mary. I’ve been having a turbulent time, and Mary gave me so much clarity and confidence to keep moving forward.

I was very impressed by the depth of the session which included palmistry and tarot reading. And by how accurate every part of it was. I felt comfortable, understood and seen throughout the whole process.

Since the reading, I’ve recommended Mary to so many of my family and friends. I’ll definitely be going back in the future. Thank you, Mary.


Name: Carly in Watford

It was my first reading with Mary and I was very impressed.

The environment is extremely healing and tranquil. The essential oils utilised were beautiful and Mary has a warm and welcoming manner.

Mary has a lovely structure to her sessions utilising relaxing grounding techniques, palmistry and tarot.

The reading was extremely accurate with regards to my current life situations.
I left the session feeling reassured that I am on the right path.       Thank-you Mary!

John Whitaker

Name: John Whitaker

I really enjoyed the whole process of the reading and was fascinated by the whole experience.

I have had readings before, but nothing so accurate and akin to my present life.

Very glad I have discovered someone who can give an accurate reading and will certainly be going back in the future.

I would definitely recommend.


For my first reading, I was unsure of what to expect and quite nervous. I felt quickly comfortable with Mary and pleasantly surprised with the reading. I was truly amazed how accurate Mary had been about the trials I have been recently facing in life, and I really appreciated the advice and guidance

I would highly recommend, and I look forwarding to one day visiting again.

George in Rickmansworth

: George in Rickmansworth

Mary’s approach is both holistic and spiritual. Her ability to read both the tarot cards and your palms creates an accurate picture of your past, present and future with amazing results. She is clear and precise in her delivery and is un afraid to offer clarity and guidance if needed. Highly recommended, five stars!


Name: sandra prudhoe

I had an amazing experience with Mary today I enjoyed every part of my sitting. I came away feeling positive and uplifted and i would highly recommend her, Thank you so much again Mary



Name: Jen – St. Albans

I had my first reading with Mary yesterday, from the start she made me feel comfortable, it was not just a reading we did a meditation in her fabulous wellness room.

Mary was very intune with everything that was going on in my life, I’m very grateful to have been in her presence and very much looking forward to going again.


Name: Annette

My reading started with a Sound meditation, I resonated with this and found it very relaxing which I doesn’t come easy with me it usually takes me a while to relax.
The reading was very interesting and fitting to what is going on in my life.
Thank you Mary much appreciated, I will try hard to change a habit of a lifetime.  Thank you for your advice.

Brian Howard

Name: Brian Howard

My reading from Mary was varied and interesting, slightly different from my usual reading. Her approach was very much on a vibrational level, I definitely resonated with that. I could take all her messages and I have taken on her advice too. I would recommend anyone to try a reading with Mary, I doubt if you will be disappointed.

Madeleine: Spain

Name: Madeleine

Mary came highly recommended by a friend of mine, I was not let down, the experience was amazing.  We started with a sound-meditation session which relaxed me beyond words. This was followed by a reading which I found to be spot on, Mary then offered her much-valued guidance. A  much-needed therapeutic morning indeed. Thank you Mary I will be back.


Name: Jai R.

Mary is generous and intuitive. Not only was that the best reading I’ve had, I would go as far as saying it was probably the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you


Christine, St Albans

Name: christine soames

My meeting with Mary was undertaken in an oasis of calm and tranquility. I immediately felt relaxed. I had strayed off my spiritual path and now with Mary’s advice I am back on it again.
Thank you Mary.


BM: Hertfordshire
This was my first reading with Mary. She was very accurate on many things about myself without me saying anything to her and she gave a very comprehensive reading, I left feeling reassured and a clear view of what I needed to do to move forward. Thank you.

I would highly recommend Mary to anyone.

Bena London

My reading with Mary today was truly amazing. Mary was so accurate with her reading and so understanding and compassionate. I have seen other readers before and I can openly say Mary is the best to date as she really was in tune with all my thoughts and answered every question. From the moment I stepped into what felt like a sanctuary I felt calm, relaxed and very welcome. I would highly recommend anyone looking for readings to go to Mary. Thank you again for accuracy and patience with me, I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Eva St Albans


I am so happy I booked a session with Mary. I was feeling incredibly lost and desperately needed clarity and guidance which she gave me. I can now move forward with my life, making the changes she deemed necessary. Thank you Mary!


Rebecca Surrey

From the moment Mary opened the door to me I relaxed.
walked in with tense shoulders and walked out walking on
air! Thank you so much Mary for an hour of total relaxation
and clarity. You are a magician and I can’t wait to put into
practice all that we talked about. Can’t wait to report back!


Lauren B Hertfordshire

Name: Lauren B

I had a reading with Mary today and it was nothing short of brilliant. Mary was so accurate and really in tune with all my thoughts and questions. From the moment I stepped in I felt calm, relaxed and very welcome. I’ll personally be recommending anyone looking for readings to go to Mary. Thanks again Mary, I look forward to returning in the future!



I went to see Mary this week. Lovely lady, made me feel completely relaxed. Excellent reading –

Ihsan Hemel

Name: Ihsan

Mary is the best reader I have ever met. You feel so relaxed and detached from your worries and stress the moment you step in her place. Her readings were always spot on and I highly recommend her.


Tina Bedford

Name: Tina

I visited Mary today and can only say what an amazing reading she provided. Very professional, relaxing and some wonderful guidance. Very much looking forward to the next 12 months, thank you Mary


C.B – Hertfordshire

An amazing experience. Was spot on with everything. Can’t recommend enough!

G.P – Hertfordshire

Mary made me feel comfortable from the start and gave me a reading which I was able to resonate with. She also provided valuable guidance on various areas of my life, which was very helpful. I highly recommend Mary for readings….

James – Hertfordshire

I visited Mary and found the experience incredible helpful. Mary made me feel at ease and was able to give great insight. I will take your recommendations on board and will definitely go again …..

Michaela – Hertfordshire

Mary is so lovely, I felt relaxed and comfortable from the moment I sat down. She is very professional with a real kind and calming ora. I received a very insightful and accurate reading. I would highly recommend. Thank you again, Mary!

Divya – Hertfordshire

My friend and I visited Mary, both having really enjoyed the experience and serene ambience. We gained valuable thought provoking insights and guidance around various aspects of our lives, feeling inspired and having a sense of clarity on how to succeed in life. Definitely  a breath of fresh air- highly recommend a visit with Mary!

Ihsan – Hertfordshire

Mary gave me excellent reading,  she felt so comfortable with her presence, a feeling of peace. The first time I met her she predicted a strong love story that will lead to marriage, I really could not believe it as I had so many disappointments with men that I nearly lost hope finding the one. She was right in her predictions, I found the man of my life. Thanks to her readings along with advices I followed my heart and intuition, leading me to the right path. I highly recommend her. God bless you Mary ……  20.08.2020

Michelle Chan – Hertfordshire

Felt completely at ease with Mary she delivered a reading which I was able to resonate with, not only for myself but for people who I am close to- picking up on specific things which she wouldn’t have known. Mary was open to me asking questions throughout. I highly recommend booking in! I will be back 😀        06.08.2020

Martina – Online

I’ve had very mixed feelings what to expect from the session with Mary. As soon as I arrived Mary made me feel calm. The setting was very relaxing and I felt comfortable. I was very surprised as Mary was literally spot on with everything she has said about me! She guided me how to achieve my set goals in life. Hopefully this will help me to get on the right path. I can’t thank enough, Thank you Mary!

The Celtic Storyteller – Online

I started following Mary Redmond on Instagram almost a year ago and from the word go I found her open and honest in her posts and her conversations.

I had some questions around my career and Mary gave me a Zoom reading which was so comforting, interactive and covered all I wanted to discuss.  This was my first Zoom reading and I felt at ease with Mary from the start.  I loved the fact that I didn’t need to leave the house to have a reading, in fact as we live in different countries this couldn’t have happened without Zoom!

Mary tapped into my energy and my current situation so accurately even before I had given her any details.  It was so meaningful to hear this confirmation in my reading of all that is happing and to receive advice that felt in line with my own thoughts and options.  The energy for my future which Mary picked up on rang true for me and has given me a lot to think about.

Mary was so comprehensive in her reading and generous with her time and attention.  I would highly recommend Mary Redmond for readings.

Thank you so much Mary, I really appreciate your time and the detail and focus you put into my reading.

The Celtic Storyteller 09.07.20

Shannon – Derry

What an insightful reading I received from Mary. The experience was so calm and comforting and I felt at ease opening up. Mary has changed my thought process making me a much more positive person and having a different outlook on life. Thank you Mary x … 20.05.2020

Lisa – Hertfordshire

I had a reading with Mary in Jan recommended by my friend. Mary gave me some precious advice no one else did. I can say now, Mary has prepared me for this pandemic. My friends saw how calm I have become. Since then, I have worked through a few issues I didn’t even realise I had before I met Mary. I am now a much happier person. For that, I am forever grateful…. 11.05.2020

Carissa – Hertfordshire

Mary gave an excellent reading, that was accurate and detailed. She paid close attention to every thing I said and really engaged with how I was feeling. I walked away feeling very positive and with a different perspective on the issues going on in my life. She made me feel so calm and comfortable, I wanted the reading to go on and on…. 29.02.2020

Catherine – Watford

What an amazing reading with Mary, this is my second time seeing her and she was still as amazing the second time.  I would not hesitate to recommend her ….  10.02.2020

Becki – Hertfordshire

Our third reading with Mary, highly recommend. Thank you x … 29.01.20

Emma – Hertfordshire

I recently visited Mary after feeling a little lost in life and I’m so glad I did. Mary was really thorough and attentive in her reading with me and I was amazed at how much she knew about me already. The reading overall made me feel a lot more comforted and excited about the future. Thank you so much Mary x . 28.01.20

Jan – Hertfordshire

I was very impressed with my 1st reading with Mary a few years ago, and since then have been back each year. I had reached a crossroads in my life and felt unsure about my circumstances. Mary’s reading hit the spot and helped clarify my situation and reassured me about the path I was taking. I have greatly appreciated Mary’s readings, helping me on my journey these last few years. 31.12.19

Christina – Hertfordshire

Because of how my 1st reading went with Mary, I went back for a 2nd reading a year later. There was something about her that made me feel at ease and calm. Her reading was accurate to me. I recommended my sister to go visit Mary as well and she too had a great experience. I highly recommend Mary. 01.12.19

Sylvia – Hertfordshire

Mary is a genuine card reader. I have had 2 amazing readings with her and she has been spot on with details and insights to my questions. Her readings have been the best and honest readings I have had. I am so ever grateful for your guidance, Mary. – 11.11.19

Michele – Hertfordshire

I have been to quite a few psychic readings and had mixed feelings with regards to them. Within an hour Mary had summed up my life and I came away with a lot of positive things. One of the predictions seems to be already happening. I would highly recommend going to Mary… 14.10.2019

Steven – Hertfordshire

What I liked about Mary was her direct no-fluff approach combined with her accuracy. Unlike others she does not pump you for information, she is accurate without it, but then when you can fill some background in for her it gets’s even better… Highly recommended … 16.10.2019

Anu – Hertfordshire

Before the reading begins, Mary guides you through a breathing exercise. This helps to relax, open your mind and focus on yourself and the current situation. This was so simple and worked for me. Through the reading Mary picked up on the two uppermost concerns that I had. She was very accurate and I will follow the guidance given. Thank you Mary – Highly Recommended – 15.09.2019

Sanjay – Hertfordshire

I came out of the reading with lots of clarity. It was a very therapeutic session, along with great specific life guidance. Thank you. 26.08.19.

Henne – Hertfordshire

Mary provided an enlightening and re-assuring reading in a calm and relaxed environment. Thank you. 17.08.19

Jodie – Hertfordshire

Mary is absolutely lovely and her reading was very accurate she gave me a highly in-depth reading. Highly recommended. 17.08.19

Gonum – Hertfordshire

Thank you for an accurate reading. Thank you for the guidance. I will definitely come to you next year when I am back in the UK. – 14.08.19