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I attended a cacaa ceremony with Mary in her tranquil space in her home.  From the moment I arrived it was an experience with being cleansed at the door to the calm relaxing space that had been set up for myself.  Mary had thought of everything to bring as much comfort and peace to the ceremony.

Mary explained the journey we would take within the ceremony and the guided meditation in an easy way to understand.  I then drank the Cocoa and laid down for a guided meditation wrapped in soft blanks and a jade eye mask to aid relaxation.  Mary has a calming voice which enabled a deeper connection to the mediation and was very easy to follow.

I then finished the mediation and picked a card with Mary explaining the meaning for me.

The whole experience was deep, calm and relaxing, all within a secure space that enabled you to go deep into the mediation.  Mary was always there to guide you and help if needed or to give you quiet time to reflect.

Victoria Morris X